Online Pathology Residency program

Empower your PG learning with the Best Online Pathology Residency Program

This program by leading Pathologist and academician Dr. Ranjith AR encompasses over 100 hours of Robbins-based lectures, Grossing modules as per CAP / RCPath Guidelines, 100 exam case videos with Differential Diagnoses and viva points, technique modules, breast pathology lectures, histology videos spanning 33 organ systems, and high yield Patho-pearls.


Dr. Ranjith AR, a celebrated pathologist from JIPMER, is making significant strides in Onco-Pathology and Molecular Pathology in Chennai. 

Renowned for his educational prowess, he excels in teaching Pathology to undergraduates and competitive exam candidates. 

As the Academic Director of PW–MedEd, Dr. Ranjith has launched an innovative Pathology Residency Program. This initiative is a game-changer, designed to ignite a passion for Pathology among residents both in India and abroad. 

The program uniquely combines foundational knowledge with the latest advancements in the field, offering a comprehensive learning experience under one roof. 

What truly sets Dr. Ranjith apart is his ability to connect with his students on a deeper level, fostering an environment of inquiry and exploration. 

He believes in nurturing not just skilled pathologists, but thinkers and innovators who will lead the next wave of medical breakthroughs. His dedication to his students’ success is evident in the personalized attention and encouragement he provides.