Our Team

Founding Members

Welcome to the PathLete team, where passion meets purpose. We’re a tight-knit community dedicated to personal growth and achievement. Join us as we empower each other to reach new heights and conquer challenges together.

-Dr. Rahul Kanungo

Founder & CEO

“At PathLete, we’re not just charting a course. We are redefining the journey. Our commitment is to lead with innovation, integrity, and a passion for empowering diagnostics on their unique paths to success.”

-Dr. Nuzhath Shaik

Co-Founder & CAO

“Our focus is on orchestrating seamless operations that lay the foundation for our diagnostics experts to excel. Efficiency, organization, and dedication drive our mission to elevate your experience, ensuring precision and reliability at every step.”

-Dr. Sayandeep Das

Co-Founder & COO

“Strategic thinking is our compass at PathLete. We are dedicated to crafting winning strategies that not only navigate challenges but also open new horizons for our diagnostics. Together, we aim to redefine possibilities.”

-Dr. Ruchir Uttam

Co-Founder & CSO

“Behind every successful play is a well-executed operation. Our role is to ensure that every facet of our organization functions seamlessly, providing the optimal environment to achieve their specific goals.”

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