Complete Oral Pathology Digital Slides Set


Digital Oral Pathology slide sets have been prepared on all the oral pathology slides which are important from the point of view of learning the subject. Digital oral pathology slides have been added to the set keeping the requirement of PGs in mind. These sets are very helpful for self-study by postgraduate students of oral pathology and for young practicing/teaching oral pathologists. The slides have been painstakingly selected and common as well as uncommon lesions have been included in the sets to give the viewer a panoramic view of the lesions seen in Oral Pathology digital slides for MDS students have been annotated for ease of understanding and a brief description of the lesion has been given with each virtual oral pathology slide.

Those postgraduates who wish to see the slides on Tooth germ development, dental anatomy, decalcified sections of teeth, and ground sections of teeth can subscribe BDS set.

More Oral pathology slides will be added to these Digital Oral Pathology slide sets as and when available.



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