MD Pathology Exam Slides Set

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MD Pathology Exam Slide Set is designed to help MD Pathology residents in testing their own diagnostic skills before appearing in the final practical exams. This set has a collection of digital slides of pathology cases which examiners usually bring during examination. Some examiners call it a case for spot diagnosis while others bring a pathology slide challenge.

This set consists of two parts. In one folder, the image of the quiz case is given with relevant clinical history for making the diagnosis. The other folder consists of answers to the image with annotations and with supporting evidence of IHC images wherever available.

This set is also useful for faculty for testing students in pathology diagnosis during slide seminars and final examinations. Many teachers are currently using this set for this purpose.

Going through the full MD Pathology Slide Set prepared by DigiPath for self-learning helps the residents sharpen their diagnostic skills as more than 2,500 slides with annotations have been included in the MD Pathology slide set and prepare students to undertake quiz tests and solve exam cases.



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